To Cuddle Mattress or not to Cuddle Mattress


The solution is finally here for all you big spoon dead-arm sufferers: behold the Cuddle Mattress…

Couple on a cuddle mattress

The mattress works by allowing you to wedge your arms and feet in-between a series of pollowy slats, thus facilitating better cuddling. It is really like a normal mattress that’s just divided up, with the central section designed to support your torso, but the top and bottom ends have been cut into slices. A simple solution to a common problem.

Made by the award-winning designer Mehdi Motjabavi who claims the Cuddle Mattress could ‘strengthen relationships’, and even give ‘power’ for ‘emotional – and psychological – good.’

So calling all you big spoons out there, do your bit for the sake of your arm and your relationship and invest in the Cuddle Mattress – you will be rewarded in cuddles.


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