Super bed bug invasion?


Beer gardens, ice-cream vans and bed bugs? As we look forward to the blink-and-miss-it British summer, plans are made for festivals, barbecues and camping trips. This year, however, it might not just be the inevitable rain we need to worry about. Experts have warned that there could be a new type of super flea or bed bug is set to invade Britain.

Temperatures have been warmer than usual this year and the creepy crawlies have come out of hibernation early making their offspring stronger than normal. It isn’t only fleas and mites we should be concerned about – entomophobes be warned – this is set to be a summer of bugs, particularly those pesky picnic pillagers: wasps.

While this new wave of bed bugs are reported to resist common, store bought pesticides, there are other things you can do to try to keep them at bay, or to get rid of them should you find a bed bug infestation.

Take a look at our handy guide to keep you and your family flea free this summer.


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