3 simple ways to keep a bedroom bug-free


Do you have a phobia of spiders, beetles, or just bugs in general? Well pay attention to this post, here at MrFurnish, we have come up with some simple ideas that will help towards keeping your bedroom a bug-free zone, so you can avoid any nasty surprises. And don’t worry, there won’t be any pictures of bugs on this post you can read on without fear.

Avoid Clutter
A cluttered dressing table, shelf, or even your bedroom floor provide the best way for these creatures to remain in your bedroom undetected. Therefore, avoid clutter at all costs. Keep your belongings in an organised manner – preferably tidied away in a drawer or a cupboard. Bugs do also have a habit of getting in between your belongings when it’s cluttered, so putting it away ensures that this is less likely to happen.

Scented Candles
This is a very useful tip. Lighting a scented candle every now and then is a great bug deterrent. If spiders are you’re worst nightmare, then it is well-known that these eight-legged created hate citrus smells – so anything lemony or orangey would be a wise choice.

If candles are not for you, then why not try citrus scented diffuser or perfume will work just as well.

Keep it Clean
Dust and vacuum your bedroom regularly. A dusty room is one of the biggest things that attracts certain creepy crawlies to create a nest in your bedroom. It shouldn’t take too long to give your bedroom a once over say once a week, and by doing that you will have clean room that is less likely pop up with those nasty looking creatures.

Tip: If you really want to take all the steps necessary to prevent bugs from entering your bedroom, then why not use a scented carpet cleaner. You can find these usually at your local supermarket and all you do is sprinkle the powder over the carpet, leave for one to two minutes and then vacuum. Simple and easy.

So there you have it – three simple ways to maintain a bug-free bedroom. But do remember, that these are steps you can take towards preventing unwanted creatures in your room, it does not mean they will stop completely.


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