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Beach life

The idyllic beach house, a thing of summer dreams. For most of us, this summer dream will be left for holidays, day trips or extensive internet searches. There is only so much coastline and even the smallest of UK beach huts can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. There is a way to bring the feel and essence of beach living into your home though, with a little well though out decorating and furnishing.

Beach Style
Beach Style Entry by South West Photographers Colin Cadle Photography


Bright and breezy

A beach house-inspired interior has to be light and airy in order to best evoke the almost panoramic spaces offered by wide beaches, light sand and open skies. Starting with simple white walls is the best way to lay down your canvas. From there, if you can, layering woods and fabrics will give your space a feeling of depth and texture. White-painted wood walls and furniture is an especially strong start and unfinished lighter wood is great for a more rustic approach. While keeping it light is ideal for the foundation of your room, hints of darker woods as decorative touches will conjure images of washed-up driftwood.

Beach Style Bathroom
Beach Style Bathroom by London Furniture & Accessories Cabbages & Roses Ltd


Nautical but nice

To have the effect of being beside the seaside, any kind of nautical decoration is great. Navy must be the most nautical colour you can find – it’s all in the name – and bold chunks of it, whether painted or for fabrics like bedding and curtains, will give you a more structured ocean look. One way of injecting a tasteful nautical theme into your interior is with upholstered cushions for your bed – navy stripes in particular work perfectly for this look.

Traditional Bedroom
Traditional Bedroom by Scotland Home Builders The Wee House Company

If you want to go a step further with nautical furnishings, you can easily find real examples of memorabilia, like this life buoy, whether it’s a vintage, from a homewares shop or even the real thing. Decoration like this makes a space have a slightly fun feel, but it’s a good idea to exercise caution if you’re going down this route – too much memorabilia and you run the risk of having more of a themed room than a decorating style.

Beach Style Dining Room
Beach Style Dining Room by South West Photographers Colin Cadle Photography


Sea style

Of course, there is a range of beach house-style interior. You can go for a stripped-back rustic look, stick with a nautical theme, try a seaside cottage feel or go for something super stylish. While white all over can seem stark, teaming it with patterned cushions, as you see here, breaks up the space and adds texture. If you want a chic and stylish beach interior, keep it very simple. You can get this look in a bedroom with a simple, white bed too.

Tropical Living Room
Tropical Living Room by London Architects Adam Design Ltd


On deck

If you’re lucky enough to have the space, creating a beach house-style space outside makes for a lovely outdoor living environment. As with white walls inside, the best and easiest way to get the look in your garden is with a base of wood. Again, combining this with navy cushions evokes a by-the-sea feel. This wrap around sitting area is great if you have room, but you can also find great outdoor day beds to get a similar style.

Beach Style Deck
Beach Style Deck by London Design and Build Clifford Atkins

While beach-front views are few and far between, the picture below shows a great example of how you can use decking, and even deck chairs, to get a seaside feel in your garden. While you might not have the panorama of the ocean to look out on, if your home suits it – a full-width patio door opens up the space both inside and out.

Beach Style Family Room

Beach Style Family Room by South East Architects Hazle McCormack Young LLP

Even the smallest outdoor spaces can benefit from an injection of seaside decor. Using white outdoor furniture on a small patio or balcony is an easy way to get the look. If you want to go one step further, you can emulate a pebble beach by buying small stones to scatter in your garden.

Beach STyle Decks
Beach Style Deck by South East Interior Designers & Decorators LEIVARS


The little things – DIY beach house style

You don’t need to overall your entire interior to get a beach style in your home. With a few touches here and there, it’s easy to use simple, decorative techniques to get the look you want.

beach stairs

Take a tip from the rolling waves and create levels of blue by painting a wooden staircase. In this example, the addition of a rope hand-rail really emphasizes the nautical theme.

Beach Cushions

This is a brilliant way to combine beach living with your happy holiday memories. Have your favorite beach-day photographs printed onto simple cushions for a real snapshot of the sea.

Beach accessories

Collect lanterns with a slight seaside theme and you can easily create a nautical ornamental arrangement in your home. Glass, white wood and metal are all evocative of this theme and including pebbles and shells is a sure fire way to get the look.

beach frames
Another brilliant way to use shells in your decorating is to arrange them into deep picture frames. These are easy to make and look great hung on walls or leaning on surfaces. You can use your own shell collection or easily find shells to buy online.

beach shelf

This brilliant piece of DIY combines the idea of driftwood with the nautical rope idea. It’s a great way of adding some extra storage space too as an alternative to a standard bookcase.



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